• ''Monika was recommended to me by the French Embassy as a professional and efficient teacher of the Polish language, flexible with timing and location of the classes, 2 important criteria for me.
    My goals were to acquire a way to be polite and friendly in my first approach to customers and people in general and to understand Poland - the Polish culture a bit more through its language.
    From the first contact (which turned out into a free short lesson too!) we had in my office to check if we would fit being teacher-pupil, I knew the first description of Monika by my French Embassy contact was a polite understatement of her capabilities/attitude, probably to manage my expectations.
    Anyway, it turned out that learning those basics of the Polish language - a complex language on top of it - with Monika was a hands-on, professional, efficient, and fun (particularly important looking at this language where you can go nuts) experience.
    Two reasons for this great experience:
    - Monika has built her own method - based on long-time class history/experience -, adapted and flexible according to topics of interest of her pupils, and all you hear is Polish for the whole duration of the class, which enables full immersion even if not easy at first.
    - Monika is a vibrant, attentive, passionate, and patient teacher that adapts constantly her teaching to the situation, freeing her pupils from the (self) pressure of learning a new language.
    All in all, I would definitely recommend Monika as a teacher and that is actually what I am already doing with people I meet that are in need.

    Chloe Marchand
    General Manager Air France KLM Delta Airlines for Poland
  • The school was really helpful, the contact was easy and well-working. We get answer for our emails fast and they always wanted to solve our problems. Our teacher Maria was really nice, flexible and helpful all the time. She always arrived for the lesson well-prepared and with lots of learning materials. We asked for everyday Polish and she tried to give this knowledge to us as good as she could. She prepared with dialogues, homeworks and repeats which helped us with the learning. She has never been impatient with us, even if we were not prepared. We gladly recommend her to everyone.
    Thank you for everything.
    Best regards,
    Nóra & Péter
  • I arrived in Poland already speaking some Polish. But the intensive programme that LinguaPolonica put together for me took my language ability to another level.
    The programme was systematic, broad ranging and tailored to my personal learning goals and needs.
    The team made use of wide ranging materials – both from text books, and from natural language: be that the newspapers, cinema or Warsaw lectures.
    All this made me well prepared when I started my job in Warsaw.
    Once in my job I continued my lessons with Maria and she again personalised the classes to my own needs, and we made flexible arrangements to fit around my work.
    The texts she chose for me to study were focussed on my priority areas for vocabulary building, but they added an extra layer – and that was contributing significantly to my understanding of Polish politics and history. It was through her selection of texts that I was introduced to some of the big names that have emerged throughout the year in Polish politics – and before my peers realised they were on the map. Maria proved an invaluable guide in showing me not only the Polish language, but the Polish people and culture too. "
    British Embassy
  • "Monika was a very patient teacher with a good sense of humour, two traits that are invaluable when teaching someone Polish. She tried to make the lessons relevant and interesting, finding out my interests and incorporating them into the lesson structure. I found her to be an interesting person to talk to and I enjoyed our coversations. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others."

  • I started learning Polish with Maria in September 2009 and slowly, but surely I'm getting to grips with the language. Maria is very patient and explains things well; she doesn't tell me off if I haven't done all of my homework and she's very flexible when lessons sometimes need to be changed. It's perfect that she is able to come to my apartment for lessons as well. Especially during that long and cold winter!

    Fiona Mackie
    British Embassy
  • Monika Tomala me ha enseñado Polaco durante mi primer año en Varsovia, y debo decir que recien llegada pensaba que nunca lograría hablarlo. Pero gracias al sistema de enseñanza empleado en las clases (entretenido,interesante, personalizado,...) a su entrega y profesionalidad, la lengua Polaca resulta facil.
    En poco tiempo eres capaz de hacer cosas como: ir al supermercado, coger un taxi, pedir en un restaurante....
    A la hora de preparar las clases, se adapta perfectamente a tu ritmo de aprendizaje y tus necesidades.
    Una singularidad que considero muy importante,es que las clases las recibes en Polaco, caracteristica poco habitual en las academias a la hora de enseñar un idioma.
    En definitiva, recomiendo a Monika a todos los que quieran aprender Polaco, incluso a los que lo hayan intentado antes y no lo hayan logrado.

    Almudena Martin
  • I am writing to thank you for your help in organising Polish lessons over the last 8
    months during my secondment to the Polish Presidency of the European Union.
    The course is well designed to cater for beginners and I greatly appreciated the
    flexibility to hold classes as and when I could during a busy schedule!
    Jadwiga Bogusław was an excellent teacher who tailored classes to my needs,
    explained difficult grammar structures, made lessons fun and created a
    comfortable environment in which to learn.

    I would be very happy to recommend Lingua Polonica and Jadwiga Bogusław in future.

    Best wishes
    Department for International Development
  • To whom it may concern
    In August 2010 I attended an intensive language course with linguapolonica. I was more than satisfied with the course: The teachers were excellent, the atmosphere very friendly and cooperative. I made a lot of success and enjoyed the course enormously. I can wholeheartedly recommend the school to anybody who wants to learn Polish in Warsaw! Good luck for the school!

    Dr. Sebastian Bott, Zurich, Switzerland
  • J'ai suivi en decembre 2016 un cours intensif d'espagnol chez Lingua Polonica Monika Tomala de 40 heures. J'étais dans l'urgence pour avoir des cours. LP m'a trouvé dans les 24 heures un professeur qui par ailleurs s'est tout de suite adapté à mes contraintes. Très bon niveau et très bonne pédagogie à un tarif très raisonnable ! Grâce à LP j'ai pu partir en Argentine avec déjà un bagage suffisant pour bien démarrer ! Super équipe ! Je recommande !
    Francois Vincent.
  • Az iskola nagyon segítőkész volt, könnyen és jól működött a kapcsolattartás. Emailjeinkre hamar választ kaptunk és igyekeztek minden problémánkat megoldani. A tanárnőnk Maria nagyon kedves, rugalmas és segítőkész volt mindvégig. Az órára mindig felkészülten, rengeteg segédanyaggal érkezett. A mindennapi élethez hasznos tudást adott át nekünk, amit szerettünk volna. Házi feladattal, párbeszédekkel, ismétlésekkel segített elmélyíteni a tanultakat. Nem volt türelmetlen velünk még akkor sem, mikor láthatóan nem készültünk az órára :-) Csak ajánlani tudjuk mindenkinek!
    Best regards,
    Nóra & Péter
  • "Sono arrivato a Varsavia per svolgere un tirocinio Leonardo di 3 mesi e
    il corso di lingua era una componente obbligatoria.
    Inizialmente, ero scettico dell'utilitŕ di svolgere le poche ore di
    lezione che erano previste nell'accordo con l'Ente che mi ha
    Dopo l'impatto iniziale, data la differenza tra le due lingue e le
    lezioni svolte direttamente in polacco, il metodo ha dato subito
    i suoi frutti: Monika riesce a insegnare rapidamente come muoversi nella
    vita quotidiana con piů sicurezza e giŕ dopo qualche
    lezione, č possibile cavarsela in molte situazioni. Le lezioni con
    Monika permettono di imparare a capire il contesto, cosě che
    anche se aver padroneggiato la lingua, dopo qualche lezione si potrŕ giŕ
    capire il significato di alcune conversazioni."

    Good luck with everything
  • Ich habe in den Jahren von 2014 – 2016 Polnisch-Lektionen bei Monika durchgeführt. Als Anfänger war ich zu Beginn etwas unsicher, wie meine ersten Versuchen in einer neuen, sehr schweren Sprache ablaufen würden.
    Aber alles war wunderbar, Monika ist eine sehr sympathische Lehrerin, bei der man sich sofort wohlfühlt. Alles lief sehr entspannt ab, der Unterricht ist abwechslungsreich und macht Spaß. Es fiel mir dann sogar leicht, die schwierige Aussprache und Grammatik zu üben. Der Lernstoff ist sehr praxisorientiert, d.h. man kann das Gelernte unmittelbar im Alltag anwenden. Besonders angenehm war, dass Monika auch Themenwünsche berücksichtigt.
    Ich kann Lingua Polonica und Monika nur jedem empfehlen, der sich an die polnische Sprache heranwagt – der Erfolg lässt hier nicht lange auf sich warten

    Dr. Uwe Kaschka, Berlin, Deutschland
  • W roku szkolnym 2017/2018 byłam w klasie maturalnej o profilu mat-biol-chem z dwujęzycznym francuskim. Jako osoba interesująca się przedmiotami głównie przyrodniczymi, miałam trudności w znalezieniu chęci i czasu na zajęcia humanistyczne, a w szczególności na język polski. Niestety przez 3 lata nauki w liceum nie poświeciłam wystarczająco dużo czasu na naukę tego przedmiotu oraz czytanie lektur. Pani Magda niezmiernie pomogła mi w ostatnim roku szkolnym przygotować się do egzaminu maturalnego. Prowadziła lekcje w luźnej i przyjaznej atmosferze, pomagała przyswoić najważniejsze informacje z lektur szkolnych i podzieliła się bardzo przydatnymi uwagami na temat samej matury. Dzięki niej bardzo chętnie nadrabiałam swoje zaległości, co w konsekwencji przyczyniło się do mojego bardzo dobrego wyniku na egzaminie maturalnym z języka polskiego na poziomie podstawowym i jeszcze lepszego wyniku na egzaminie ustnym. Pomimo iż nie będę się rozwijać pod kątem polonistycznym na uczelni wyższej, jestem bardzo wdzięczna Pani Magdzie za pomoc w przygotowaniu do matury i pokazanie, że język polski to nie tylko nudny przedmiot nauczany w szkole, na którym uczniowie najczęściej odrabiają lekcje.
  • Barcelona, 27 de Octubre de 2011

    A quien interese:
    Por la presente deseo manifestar mi satisfacción y aprecio a la labor de la ProfesoraMonika Tomala, en su tarea, método y modo de proceder en la ensenanza del IdiomaPolaco.
    Con un Idioma complejo, enrevesado y de muy difícil pronunciación, Monika lograestablecer una atmósfera amena, agradable y hasta divertida cuando imparte sus clases.
    A la experiencia de aprender un idioma así, se suma la experiencia de interactuar con unapersona carismática, cálida y amante de su labor, cada factor por separado es unavivencia particular, todo junto es inolvidable y justamente de eso se trata el aprendizaje deun idioma, de no olvidar lo aprendido.
    Oded M. Lahat
  • Lettre de recommandation :
    J’ai bénéficié pendant près de trois ans des cours dispensés par Monika Tomala. Je ne peux que me féliciter d’avoir fait appel à ses services. Grace à sa méthode d’enseignement, qui privilégie des mises en situations concrètes et l’emploi d’un vocabulaire thématique appris au fil de l’eau, j’ai pu progresser rapidement dans cette langue réputée difficile. Après près de trois cents heures de cours avec Monika, j’ai atteint le niveau B2 du cadre européen en polonais et peut désormais comprendre le journal télévisé, lire la presse et m’exprimer dans cette langue avec aisance. Outre ses compétences professionnelles, Monika Tomala est d’une très grande gentillesse et disponibilité. Elle a ainsi constamment pu adapter son agenda à mes contraintes professionnelles. Je ne peux que vivement recommander ses services.
    Charles Chapouilly
    Premier secrétaire, Ambassade de France en Pologne
  • Dès mon arrivée en Pologne début 2013, j'ai recherché un professeur de Polonais et après avoir
    rencontré différents professeurs, mon choix s'est naturellement tournée vers Monika. En effet, le
    contact a immédiatement été chaleureux et je me suis tout de suite sentie à l'aise avec elle. De plus,
    elle est disponible et s'adapte très facilement aux contraintes imposées par nos emplois du temps.
    La méthode pédagogique employée par Monika qui alterne grammaire et vocabulaire s'adapte
    parfaitement à nos besoins et à nos attentes. Il est ainsi possible de voir des progrès significatifs très
    Grâce à son engagement, sa patience et son sens de l'humour, on apprend vite et dans la bonne
    humeur. Le polonais, langue difficile, s'appréhende de mieux en mieux, jour après jour.
    Je recommande donc Monika à tout ceux qui souhaite s'initier à la langue polonaise.
    Estelle Dinand
    General Manager Poland, Laboratoires Expanscience
  • Cari Colleghi,
    Per qualsiasi ragione siate arrivati in Polonia, vi suggerisco due cose. La prima è di imparare il polacco. Non si può entrare veramente nella mentalità di un popolo, capirne i meccanismi mentali, se non conoscete la sua lingua. La seconda, se avrete la fortuna di incontrarla, è di farlo con Monika Tomala e la sua scuola Lingua Polonica. Il metodo di Monika, dopo poche settimane, vi trasporta già all'interno del sistema linguistico polacco. Io stesso, non certo dotato per le lingue e troppo impegnato per studiare a casa, se non posso dire di essere riuscito a parlare correntemente polacco, posso almeno assicurare di essere in grado di comunicare. Molti anni fa sono stato insegnante, e vi garantisco che la pazienza, l'attenzione, la precisione e l'intelligenza di Monika Tomala sono doti vermanente rare che fanno grande il suo insegnamento e la sua scuola. Dziękuję Moniko!

    Fabio Cavallucci
    Dyrektor Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej w Warszawie
  • Ciao,
    se state leggendo questa pagina credo che sia perche siete alla ricerca di un’insegnate di polacco e deve confessare che, dopo aver provato diverse insegnanti soltanto con Lingua Polonica ho avuto risultati davvero apprezzabili.
    Il metodo, con molte spiegazioni e uso della lingua nella vita reale, e’ tale che, senza apparente sforzo impariamo cose altrimenti complicatissime.
    Quando i miei amici polacchi mi dicono che parlo la loro lingua molto bene, io so di chi e’ il merito…

    Grazie Monika.

    Best Regards
    Cesare Di Leo
  • לכל המעוניין
    באמצעות כמה משפטים ברצוני להביאה את סיפוקי הרב וערכתי לעבודתה של הגב. מוניקה
    תומלה, על עבודתה,שיטותיה וצורת ההגשה של לימוד השפה הפולנית
    על עף שמדובר בשפה קשה במיוחד, מסובכת ולגמרי “לא זורמת”, מוניקה מצליחה להפוך כל
    שיעור לחוויה, תמיד נעימה ולעיתים קרובות מאוד אף משעשעת
    בנוסף לחווית הלימוד של שפה שכזאות, נוספת החוויה של השהות במחיצתה של בעלת מקצוע
    כריזמתית, נינוחה ומאוהבת בעבודתה, מוניקה מצליחה להפוך כל שיעור לחוויה בלתי נשכחת,
    וזאות המטרה שבלימוד שפה, לא לשכוח את אשר נלמד
  • Je bénéficie depuis un peu plus d'un an de l'enseignement de Mme Monika Tomala. Ses cours sont imagés, ils permettent de se familiariser progressivement avec une langue difficile sans recourir à l'apprentissage fastidieux des règles de grammaire et de leurs multiples exceptions, le tout dans une ambiance détendue et sympathique. La patience de Mme Tomala est également très appréciable pour l'élève qui ne réussit pas toujours du premier coup à s'orienter dans la complexité du polonais!
    Pour toutes ces raisons, je recommande vivement à tous ceux qui souhaitent découvrir le polonais de s'adresser à Mme Tomala.

    Daniel Maitre
    Chef du service économique régional
    Ambassade de France à Varsovie
  • Je voulais encore vous remercier pour l'efficacité de votre enseignement, la gentillesse de votre accueil ainsi que la disponibilité et la patience de votre équipe enseignante.
    En deux semaines de cours, j'ai en effet acquis les bases nécessaires pour vivre la Pologne au quotidien : demander mon chemin dans la rue, commander au restaurant, acheter dans les magasins, etc.

    Merci encore et à plus tard pour la suite.
    Maurice Campillo
    France Telecom
  • 04 Spetember 2009
    To whom it may concern:
    Letter of recommendation for Maria from Lingua Polonica
    I am from South Africa and came to Poland for an inititial 6 month contract. The contract was extended and seeing that I was going to stay in Poland longer, I decided to take up Polish lessons to try and learn more Polish words than just Dzien Dobry, and Tak and Nie.
    I was very fortunate to have Maria as a teacher, and I have to admit, I have never met anybody with so much patience. She is a fantastic teacher, and although I was not able to continue my lessons, I have learnt a great deal from her. I learnt only a couple of words from my Poish girlfriend, so if you want to learn Polish, I suggest a proper teacher like Maria.
    Due to problems at my work, I was not able to continue my lessons, but should the opportunity arrise, I will surely get back to Polish lessons, with Maria as my teacher.

    Herman Van Brakel
  • May 4, 2008

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I had the pleasure of having Monika Tomala as my Polish-language teacher for several months from 1997-1998. At the time, I was studying the Polish language quite extensively and had several teachers. I had the best interpersonal contact with Monika and looked forward to my lessons with her more often than with my other tutors. She has a patient yet persistent approach, which I found to be more helpful than the methods used by my alternative teachers.
    After six months, I stopped my lessons with Monika only because of the hours required by my work. Had time allowed, I would definitely have continued under her tutelage.
    In the event of any questions, I would be happy to speak with you regarding my experiences with Monika Tomala. I feel very comfortable recommending her to others in need of Polish-language study.

    Christopher Sweeney
  • Arrivé en Pologne fin 2004 pour raisons professionnelles sans aucune connaissance de la langue polonaise, j’ai commencé à suivre des cours de polonais avec Mme Monika Tomala dès début 2005.
    Le professionnalisme et le sens pédagogique de Monika Tomala m’ont permis de m’initier au polonais, qui est une langue difficile, de manière sereine. En alternant bases grammaticales et vocabulaire de tous les jours, chaque séance m’a donné les outils pour pouvoir mieux me débrouiller au quotidien et pour pouvoir continuer l’apprentissage de la langue sur des fondements solides.
    La patience et la persévérance sont des qualités essentielles pour apprendre ainsi que pour enseigner le polonais. Monika Tomala possède ces deux qualités indispensables auxquelles se rajoute sa sympathie naturelle et sa volonté de faire progresser chacun individuellement.
    Pour toutes ces raisons, je recommande vivement à quiconque souhaite apprendre ou se perfectionner en polonais de suivre des leçons avec Monika Tomala.

    Jean-Baptiste Bodin
    Attaché commercial
    Mission économique près l’Ambassade de France
    Me complace indicar que he sido alumno De Monika Tomala durante el último año en Varsovia, dónde llegué sin conocer nada de la lengua polaca.
    Durante el tiempo que he recibido sus lecciones, puedo definitivamente decir que he progresado y finalmente puedo lanzarme a comunicarme en polaco.
    Aparte de su profesionalidad, su preparación de cada una de las lecciones, su conocimiento, y su paciencia, es de agradecer lo ameno de sus clases gracias a su metodología (su gran simpatía también ayuda). Todo ello hace que la dura tarea de aprender un idioma totalmente nuevo no se convierta en un esfuerzo, sinó en una diversión.
    Recomiendo, con conocimiento y convicción, a todo aquel que desee aprender polaco que se ponga en las manos de Monika. Con el tiempo seguro estaréis plenamente satisfechos con los progresos realizados y con el ambiente de trabajo.

    Jose Antonio Ortuño Hinojosa
    Director General
    Pozvic Sp. Z o o.
  • Monika Tomala es mi profesora de polaco desde hace 2 año aproximadamente y a pesar de que la lengua polaca es muy difícil, ella hace que sea mas fácil.
    En mi opinión, supo captar y adaptarse rápidamente a mi nivel de polaco, mis necesidades, asi como mi falta de tiempo para poder repasar las lecciones en mi tiempo libre.
    Su principal ventaja con respecto a otras profesoras que tuve antes son las siguientes: es comprensiva y paciente, solo muy excepcionalmente utiliza otra lengua que no sea el polaco, es muy organizada y siempre se prepara las clases.

    Miguel Vila
  • Efter att totalt misslyckats med diverse polskakurser pa bl.a. universitetet i Warszawa kom jag i kontakt med. Monika. Hon förstod direkt vilken niva jag behärskade och vad jag ville fa ut av kursen. Hennes mycket trevliga sätt och fantastisk pedagogiska stil gjorde kursen till ett nöje. Jag rekomenderar henne at alla som behöver lära sig polska.

    Johan Andren, Warszawa
    December 2002, Warsaw
    For Monika Tomala
    I have known Monika Tomala since the beginning of 2001. I had just moved to live in Poland and at that time I did not speak and could hardly understand the local language. Though the official language in the company I started to work for (The Boston Consulting Group) is English a working level of Polish was necessary for more efficient communication. I undertook individual Polish language classes and was lucky to have Monika as a teacher.
    She tailored the classes to the requirements of my job adjusting them to my personal speed of learning. The supporting materials she was using were lively, interesting and contemporaneous. Monika possesses an exceptionally reach vocabulary, which enables her to explain new words by precise synonyms or relevant examples. Her considerable linguistic expertise made the notoriously difficult Polish grammar seem logical and easy. As a person Monika is very amiable and friendly. She was not only teaching me Polish language but was revealing a whole new world of traditions, culture and history. This helped me to better understand the country and its people.
    Thanks to Monika I have mastered the Polish language to a near fluency and have quickly integrated into the Polish society. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a teacher to any foreigner who is willing to study Polish language.

    Desislava Borkowska
    United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) EU Pillar
    Serbia and Montenegro, Prishtina
    Peyton House, Perandori Justinian 12
  • Ciao a tutti,
    vorrei segnalarvi la mia Ysuper" professoressa di polacco Monika. Monika e' specializzata nell'insegnare il polacco agli stranieri da piu' di 10 anni. Ha un metodo molto efficace perche' quando spiega non traduce assolutamente le parole o i concetti in inglese, ad esempio, ma come se si fosse bambini, fa in modo che lo studente capisca di che cosa si sta parlando. Monika ha una grandissima pazienza e infonde coraggio e fiducia alle persone che "coraggiosamente" decidono di intraprendere il lungo, ma non impossibile, percorso, di studiare il polacco. Il risultato e'garantito!. Non che io sia particolarmente portata per le lingue, ma il mio polacco, grazie a Monika e' diventato discreto.
    Il suo nr di cellulare e': 0 604 752 573 email:

    Per qualunque cosa potrete contattarmi allo 0 607 554 312
    Ciao e buona giornata
  • Empfehlung
    Vor einiger Zeit habe ich einen Polnisch- Kurs in Warschau teilgenommen. Meine Lehrerin dort war Frau Monika Tomala. Inhalt dieses Kurses waren sowohl zahlreiche Grammatik-Übungen als auch das Erlernen grundlegender Vokabeln.
    Der Unterricht bei Frau Tomala hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Polnisch Kenntnisse zu entwickeln und mich auf den Gebrauch des Polnischen vor zu bereiten. Frau Tomala hat es Immer geschafft, einen lebhaften, eilnehmerorientierten Unterricht zu gestalten.
    Auf individuelle Fragen und Probleme ging sie immer mit großem Engagement ein. Mit ihrer freundlichen und ruhigen Art sorgte sie immer wiefer für Polnisch weiter.
    Lekcje języka polskiego były prowadzone w interesujący i zabawny sposób. Bardzo pomogły mi w nauce tego trudnego języka.

    Mit freundlich Grüßen / Z poważaniem
    Joachim Schüller
    IMV GmbH München
  • C'est avec plaisir que je conseille aux courageux se lançant dans l'apprentissage du polonais les services de Monika Tomala.
    Sa patience, sa ténacité et son goût de l'enseignement vous aideront à surmonter les difficultés qui vous attendent. Parmi les avantages d'apprentissage, je retiens la mnémotechnique souvent présente dans ces cours, l'utilisation des images et dessins et un livret d'apprentissage très ludique.

    Bien à vous
    Florent Van Huffel
  • To Whom It May Concern,
    Kasia is a talented professional Polish teacher who performs its work with passion and integrity. Kasia is able to transmit its passion for languages to its student, making her classes enjoyable and efficient. She is conscious of the difficulties of Polish and she is able to transform the difficulties into positive outcomes. As teacher, she is successful in managing groups of students coming from different background and different level of knowledge of Polish language. She is strong in always keeping high the attention of all. She is very flexible, being able to dedicate different tasks to each student during the same class keeping continuous control of its audience. Her passion to life, culture and languages helps to make her classes effective and pleasant. Many international students tent to abandon Polish Language studies mainly because they did not find the right teacher: to those perspective students I strongly recommend Kasia.

    Giampaolo Esposito
    Intesa Sanpaolo
  • To Whom It May Concern,
    I can only recommend Lingua Polonica to anybody who wants / needs to learn the Polish language. Since I moved to Poland because of my work, I decided to take Polish lessons. At first I was sceptical about the learning method, only to use the polish language, but it showed itself to be very effective. The courses are well structured and the possibility to adjust the learning lessons to my needs, especially to topics, which are work related, is a big benefit. Most credit, for my pleasant and productive experience with Lingua Polonica, deserves my teacher, Katarzyna Sienkiel, who is very professional, helpful, friendly and is able to motivated you to keep learning.

    Yours faithfully
    Mladen Košćak
    Wiceprezes Zarządu
  • Frequento un corso presso la scuola Lingua Polonica da circa due anni. Kasia è la mia super insegnante, le sue lezioni sono molto divertenti, si impara il polacco con un metodo semplice dividendo la lezione fra apprendimento e gioco con dialoghi semplici. Se molti polacchi mi fanno i complimenti dicendomi che lo parlo discretamente so a chi lo devo!
    Dziękuję Kasia i zapraszamy do “Lingua Polonica”!!!
  • “I would describe Sharne’s coaching style as positive and motivational. She encourages self-help and reflection and helps to develop a positive attitude and the ability to set and achieve your own targets.
    Since meeting Sharne I have become more able to understand myself and others and to recognise what drives me. I now see that there are no real obstacles in life and I have developed the skills to deal with adverse situations.
    Sharne has offered me support, motivation and encouragement which have enabled me to recognise my strengths, to set my own goals and to achieve my targets. This has all combined to make my life more focussed and fulfilling”.
    Small Business MD/Entrepreneur
    “Sharne is an excellent coach who has provided me with invaluable help, advice and support during a difficult period of transition in my life and business. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending her to anyone in search of high quality coaching.”
    Magazine Publiher
  • Sharne is an experienced coach and group facilitator who generates enthusiasm and energy in individuals to enable them to define and achieve their professional, organisational or strategic goals. Sharne combines an incredible passion for developing people with unbounded enthusiasm for life.
    Senior Leader – Global FTSE 500
  • August 2015

    I am pleased to be able to highly recommend Monika as an exceedingly qualified, professional and caring Polish teacher. I moved to Poland in 2012 and after interviewing several Polish teachers I selected Monika. She appeared genuine and had a teaching style that was comfortable yet results oriented. Today I know I could not have made a better decision.
    Monika has excellent communication skills and a passion for Polish language and culture. She uses this to her advantage to help you to learn the language as well as the cultural norms that allow you to comfortably assimilate into the Polish lifestyle. She tailored all of the instruction to my learning pace and my work schedule. She was always flexible and ready to accommodate me when I had to either prepare a Christmas speech or write a simple letter. She was always available.
    One of my greatest regrets in leaving Poland was not being able to continue my Polish lessons with Monika. I made so much progress over a short period of time under her tutelage and I wish I could have continued to fluency.
    Without hesitation I recommend Monika to anyone who wants to learn to speak Polish and reap the benefits of living in such a beautiful country as Poland.

    Phil S
    Nestle Waters
  • Sayin Yetkili,

    Bu tavsiye mektubunu Lingua Polonica dil okulunuzda öğretmenlik yapan Bayan Jadwiga
    Bogusław için yazıyorum.
    Bayan Jadwiga ile 23/09/2011-06/03/2012 tarihleri arasında haftada iki gün olmak üzere özel
    ders aldım. Bayan Jadwiga öğrencisinin eksik bilgilerini çok hızla teşhis eden, yabancı
    öğrencilere dil öğretme tekniklerini çok iyi bilen, sabırlı ve çok değerli biridir. Çok dakik,
    sorumluluk sahibi, güvenilir, güleryüzlü ve anlayışlı bir şahıstır.
    Kendisi sayesinde çok kısa sürede çok büyük bir gelişme kaydettim. Kendisine yardımları ve
    sabrı için çok teşekkür eder, lehçe öğrenmek isteyen diğer öğrenci arkadaşlara tavsiye ederim.

    Duygu Bolikowski
  • Studiare polacco alla scuola Lingua Polonica è il top! La nostra insegnante, Kasia, è la numero uno! Paziente all’infinito sa mettere a proprio agio i suoi alunni, crea le lezioni in base alle difficoltà di ognuno. Motivante, sa infondere fiducia in se stessi. Se i colleghi polacchi ci fanno i complimenti per il nostro parlato il merito è anche suo!!