Lingua Polonica
Lingua Polonica

Learn Polish with Lingua Polonica

Do you want to understand what people say to you?
Do you want to have good relations with your employees and customers?
Do you want to know what Poles are laughing at?
Do you want to know what pretty Poles are thinking of?
Do you want to know how to initiate talk, order lunch in a restaurant,
     ask for the right way, invite a girl to a movie?
You do not want to feel lonely in our country?
Do you want to know how to manage in everyday life?
Do you want to go shopping, go to a hairdresser or a beautician
     without any problem?
Meet new people?
Win friends?

Get acquainted with Polish language and culture and enjoy your life in Poland.

Our teachers will help you to achieve it. They are professional, experienced, openminded passionates about their job presenting, high personal culture.

Learning Polish need not be difficult nor expensive!



Settle into Poland with Lingua Polonica

  • Is this your first international assignment?
  • Do you need support and guidance to settle into your new country or position?
  • Does your spouse or partner feel alone and would appreciate someone to talk to about being in a strange place?
  • How are your children settling into their new country or school?

Our team coach can offer support to you and your family as you start your new life in a new country.  Sharne Van der Burgh spent 20 years with an international organisation and has relocated – alone and with her husband many times.  With her coaching support the early days for you and your family can be easier and more enjoyable.